Does this Conflict Exist in Your Organization as Well?

For many years, nobody knew how to get this conflict solved. In 2011, the missing element was published. It turned out to be a single word!


Curious on how you can get colleagues on board within just a few minutes and how to get the ball rolling? Then, let’s practice the five questions to make it happen.

  1. Which practices have become preferred practices during the past 10 years? Please select from this list (one selection per row).
  2. Which best practices and methods are primarily based on practices of the left column and which on the right column?
  3. In what other areas do you see a preference for either the left column or the right column?
  4. Anything popping up in your mind?
  5. Do you have a proposal for a guideline solving this conflict?

Please send the totals of question 1 and your answers to the other questions to Don’t worry if you can’t answer questions 2 to 5. We will respond as soon as possible.


About Eugen Oetringer

Driven to find Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges. Especially interested when earlier improvement attempts have delivered insufficient results.
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