Health Check: Does a Communication Gap Exist in My Organisation?

Health checkOver the past two decades, and with business environments becoming increasingly complex, the technique of breaking complex challenges into supposedly manageable parts became popular. This worked well initially. It still works well when root causes of problems are located within such parts. Today the question is this: What happens when the parts and their dependences become too many?

Organisations cannot Afford to Address all the Parts

In recent years the parts to manage and their dependencies became too many to understand and too expensive to address them all. A new pattern emerged: Certain parts and dependences received insufficient attention. Issues and problems located within these parts and between the parts were not solved anymore. As employees tried to address the ‘foreign’ problems from within their parts, they could only address the symptoms, not the problems. With each round of addressing symptoms, the negative impact of unsolved problems increased. This pattern can be observed in organisations across the globe.

A typical field in which this pattern can be observed is the communication space between central organisations and the field (in both directions) and between departments. As organisations move beyond a threshold of unsolved issues and problems, a communication gap is created.

A communication gap undermines the execution of corporate strategy, projects, productivity and more. Ever-more of the budget must be moved from productive tasks to unproductive tasks, such as control efforts, fire fighting and financing ongoing failure. Together, it weakens the competitive position of the corporation.

The Opportunity

One of the highest-impact cost-saving and service-improvement opportunities is unlocked by identifying and overcoming the unsolved problems.

What You can Do

Do the health check (a PDF download) against 42 common issues and problems. It’s free. When done, you may be able to explore one or two quick hit cost savings and service improvement opportunities.


About Eugen Oetringer

Driven to find Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges. Especially interested when earlier improvement attempts have delivered insufficient results.
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