Tired of all these Cost Savings Initiatives that keep Hitting us? (Part I)



In organisations across the globe, patterns, such as crippling bureaucracy, high project failure rates, and ongoing costs saving initiatives, are observed. Many appear to have accepted these as facts of life and argue that we have to live with them. However, when looking at these problems with an open mind, a different picture emerges.

Hidden problems surface, some of which receive little to no attention. Endless debate, fuelled by complaints and finger pointing, can be turned into agreed solutions. Bureaucratic processes can be simplified or made obsolete. Techniques and solutions such as client focus, common business sense, scrum, constructive dialogue, and guided self-organisation have already made a difference.


Untapped cost saving and service improvement opportunities are waiting to be explored.

Do you think it is time to get the ball rolling and turn things around?

Then read part II.





About Eugen Oetringer

Driven to find Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges. Especially interested when earlier improvement attempts have delivered insufficient results.
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